Occupying Your Time


A Recipe for Happiness

Couples deciding it is time for a day long date are taking a chance of finding areas where they are incompatible, so they generally want to make sure the day is a good one. The thing they will do most during the day might be eating because they will be together for all three meals and snacks. Few of them will want to spend their time alone in the kitchen, so a recipe for happiness might be something they are seeking to make their day together perfect and positive.

Getting together over breakfast is a good time to choose a small café or restaurant because few people really want to spend their time cooking, and the couple can make their final plans as they dine. Lunch might be had while they are at a favorite amusement area, or they could have a special eatery they tend to frequent on the rare occasions they share the noon meal.

Snacks are often necessary for active people to keep going between meals, and most of those might be a fun way to share a good time. Going to a movie might involve something to eat, or the couple could drop into their neighborhood coffee shop for a warm beverage and something sweet. They can then plan their dinner as they relax together. If they decide to cook on their own and watch a movie at home, they should choose something easy to make that requires little or no shopping.

Eating on a regular schedule is important, and doing it during a date set to last all day should be a time when couples indulge their tastes. They might have favorite places they want to visit, or they could try out something new. If they consider cooking at all, it should be easy so their recipe for a happy day together is a success.