Occupying Your Time


What to Do

Two people with plenty of hours to fill might find they have a bit of trouble deciding what to do, and it can become more complicated because each of their interests should be part of the day. One of them might enjoy museums, but their partner could quickly become bored looking at exhibits. It will not be a good day for both of them unless they find a way to fill it with things that engage both of them.

Visiting a museum could be something one person has really wanted to do, but they might be afraid their partner will turn away from the idea. Instead of looking at exhibits, they might forward a plan to visit a living museum. Instead of dry words and static displays, they might both find they are interested in the history being portrayed by live actors, and there might even be opportunities to interact with them. It could be a fun way for both of them to enjoy the day while giving one partner their dream of spending time in a favored venue.

Activities should be planned with both partners in mind, so doing something like trying an extreme sport should only be mentioned if both of them are up for the adventure. If one person wants to try sky diving, the other person should be ready and willing to do it with them. Remaining at the airport while the other person goes through training and the jump would not be something they could do together, so it might be best to skip that activity for something milder.

Shopping for necessities is boring, but going through small shops can be fun if neither partner has anything they particularly want to purchase. They could spend a few hours hunting for nothing special, and they might find something that they will keep for a lifetime. Unplanned shopping can be a good way to trade opinions on items that will help them discover new facets of their relationship.